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We are tenant farmers on the Rode Hall Estate nr Congleton, Cheshire. Tom is second generation following on from his father Philip who came to the estate back in 1968 milking just 35 cows. In 2012 Tom & myself  took over the business with our son Jack under the company name of Halton Farms Ltd.

Tom especially has always been very passionate about selling his milk directly to people especially via doorstep delivery.  In 2016 we ventured into selling raw milk via a vending machine at the farm which took off really quickly and this inspired Tom even more to start pasteurising and get our milk directly to the customer.  So in March this year our dreams came true and we set up a very small, on farm pasteurizing plant. 

The home of fresh milk delivered to your door


On your doorstep

We partnered with The Little Doorstep Dairy who specialise in delivering milk to the doorstep.  They have a team of experienced Milkmen with over 80 years experience in retail and doorstep delivery.

When you buy your milk from Halton Farms you are purchasing from an award winning farm with 1st class animal welfare and passion for animals, the countryside, people and the beautiful nutritious product called milk.   The milk is produced at CW12 so it only makes one journey…..that’s to your house.  


We pasteurize and prepare the milk whilst milking our cows and the finished product has left our farm for your doorstep within 12 hours to guarantee the freshest milk we can get.

To find out more about the range of products they can deliver directly to your doorstep, please visit:


The home of #milktastesbetteringlass


Try it yourself

We truly believe milk tastes better in glass rather than plastic.  We did the taste test many years ago and we could tell the difference.  Try it for yourself by placing 1 pint of milk in a glass bottle and 1 pint of milk in a plastic container and leave in the fridge for 3 days.  Now remember our milk is non-homogenized so you will have to shake before tasting.

If that hasn’t persuaded you to move away from plastic then please look at a website called “The Ocean Is Everybody’s Business” and hopefully that will change your mind.

Another tip, if you buy your milk in pint glass bottles consider 1 Litre glass bottles.   1 Litre is the equivalent of approx 1.76 pints.  By doing this you could:

Free up some fridge space

Save on foil lids as the 1 Litre bottles have a nice black twist reusable lid

Save on bottle handling & washing


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